Pricing & Sign Up


Ideal for hobbyists
Build the API for your MVP
  • GraphQL & REST API
  • Managed Service
  • Runs in Cloud
  • subdomain
  • 1 mln requests/day (10 req/s)
  • max 100 rows/response


For small projects
$10 / month
Everything you need to build an API for your mobile app
  • GraphQL & REST API
  • Managed Service
  • Runs in Cloud
  • subdomain
  • 10 mln requests/day (100 req/s)
  • unlimited rows/response


Designed for growing businesses
$20 / month
Fully managed hosting of your API and frontend
  • GraphQL & REST API
  • Managed Service
  • Runs in Cloud
  • custom domain
  • 30 mln requests/day (300 req/s)
  • unlimited rows/response
  • custom openresty image
  • frontend hosting
  • database event streaming

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No. You'll only need it if you chose to upgrade to one of paid plans.

Why is there no trial for On Premise plan?

That is because you can test all the features of the plan by using our development images that we provide for local development. The images a limited to only one database connection.

What does $250/API mean for the On Premise plan?

It means that you pay a one time fee for the subzero stack and you can deploy wherever you chose and scale as big as you need. The only condition is that it's used for a single production deployment/project/database/api.

Can I use the On Premise code after one year?

Yes. You can use the stack indefinitely, the only limitation is you get version upgrades and commercial support in the first year only.

Can I ship my app that uses On Premise plan to my clients?

No. On Premise plan means you can deploy it only in one production location (staging does not count). Your clients will need to purchase a new license. If your service is a type of SaaS business, that counts as a single location, even though you might run multiple container instances for scaling.