Hit the ground running

GraphQL & REST API for your database

Stop spending months developing backend APIs for your apps.
With subZero, you’ll be ready in a few days — and you can get back to building your product.

Move Fast

Imagine being able to have your API 80% ready after a few quick steps. Define your tables and views, set constraints on your columns, grant privileges to users, and you’re there — all while using standard SQL statements. To finish the last 20%, you can use real languages to implement your custom logic, not just SDKs and webhooks.

Stay Flexible

By adopting GraphQL as the language for communication with your API, you remove any coupling between your frontend code and the backend. Combined with the ability to choose any database schema you like, you get a no lock in guarantee.

Own Your Data

Unlike other solutions, we never require you to store your data in a proprietary system. The data lives in your database, in the format you choose — just like it’s supposed to. If you already have your database and data, you don’t have to import it anywhere or change the structure. subZero will take what you have and work with it, without any extra steps.

What people are saying

François-G. Ribreau
It's so fast to develop, it feels like cheating!
Simone Scarduzio
I really enjoyed the fact that all of a sudden I was writing microservices in SQL DDL (and v8 javascript functions). I dodged so much boilerplate. The next thing I knew, we pulled out a full rewrite of a Spring+MySQL legacy app in 6 months. Literally 10x faster, and code was super concise. The old one took 3 years and a team of 4 people to develop.
Raphael Scheible
subZero is amazing! It completely unchains postgreSQL. Instead of writing tons of middleware code, I can focus on the database and rabbitMQ workers.

Unparalleled development speed

We’ve gone through the process of building APIs and we know how long it takes to get everything set up. You always think you’ll be able to get it up quickly, and then two months later you’re still stuck on your API before you’ve even been able to start on your product.
subZero cuts that development time down drastically.

Lightning fast

On a system composed of an AWS t2.micro instance running subZero, connected to a RDS db.t2.micro database, we were seeing more than 500 requests per second, with latencies in the range of 5 ms — 20 ms on a three table join.
To put that in perspective, you get 1,296,000,000 requests/month on $21 hardware, which is 100 times more than our competitors give you for the same price, even after factoring in the licensing costs of our software.

GraphQL, a query language for your API

GraphQL is a query language for APIs which provides a complete and understandable description of the data in your API. The upsides are many:

  • It gives clients the power to ask for exactly what they need
  • It makes it easier to evolve APIs over time
  • It enables powerful developer tools

Apps that use GraphQL don’t have to sacrifice speed for stability (or vice versa) because they control the data they get, not the server. While typical REST APIs require loading from multiple URLs, GraphQL APIs get all the data your app needs in a single request. This mean your app will always be lightning fast — even on slow mobile network connections.

A few more reasons to try subZero:

  • Flexible GraphQL & REST API out of the box
  • Extremely short time to production (we’re talking days)
  • Efficient queries — no N+1 problem
  • Built-in scriptable caching system
  • Easy deployment as Docker containers
  • Use the full power of SQL/Lua/Python/Javascript
  • Support for GraphQL/Relay specifications
  • Real-time updates using a Messaging Server